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As you arrive at the beautiful harbour of Symi for the first time, in front of your eyes an astonishing picture reveals, drawn by the immense blue of the sky, the Aegean Sea and the amphitheater settlement of well-preserved traditional houses.

In the heart of the village you will find Thea - neoclassical building from 1913, with colorful outstanding architectural and decorative details, single and double pediments, heavy wooden doors, wrought iron elements, neoclassical balconies and a sea view.

The house is built of traditional stone of Symi, by craftsmen from Patmos. It was erected by Archimandrite Seraphim Panagiotaki and endowed to his niece Marousso, the grandmother of the current owner of the house. During all these past years it has been a family home with its own history full of warmth and love.

All the innovations and the repairs needed in the interior were made with special care and respect. The internal areas were transformed into five comfortable rooms, as their original characteristics, as well as the romantic enchantment of the island architecture were preserved.


We hope we manage to treat our guests with the same punctuality, respect and care.




We aim to offer our guests a new getaway experience το one of Greece's most delightful islands. Enjoy the holidays you deserve in Thea Apartments  with our impeccable services...

About Us

about us

Thea Apartments opened in 2013, providing luxurious hospitality and high quality hotel services. THEA consists of 5
apartments with the beautiful view of the sea...



Thea apartments, a neoclassical building from 1913, with colorful outstanding architectural and decorative details,  is located in the heart of the village...


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