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Thea apartments, a neoclassical building from 1913, with colorful outstanding architectural and decorative details,  is located in the heart of the village. Its privileged location offers a spectacular view of the vast blue sea combined with the astonishing beauty of the island.




You can get to Symi...

Through Rhodes or Kos

You can get here by getting to Rhodes or Kos by plane or by ship and then using Dodekanisos Seaways or ANES Ferries boats to get to Symi. The time tables of these services are not stable throughout the year. You can check the current ones for Dodekanisos Seaways or ANES Ferries

Through Piraeus

There is three times a week service between Piraeus and Rhodes via Symi island provided by Blue Star Ferries Ferry Boat, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This service is usually offered also during the winter, maybe with some modifications. So check with the Blue Star Ferries for more details.

What if I own a boat?

You can moor your boat in Gialos, Nimborio, Pedi, and Panormitis. In Gialos and Pedi fuel is available. You can also seek information there about possible repair facilities.

Latest News

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    Great video from drone in Symi, Athens and Mykonos.

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    Video advertising the island of Symi as a travel destination.

Guest Review

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It is the best pension I have ever stayed in and I have been traveling for 40 years. I don't know where to start to praise it as there was not a moment that I felt I was not at home and even better.

Dora Kitinas - Australia


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Egialos, SYMI 85600

Dodecanese - GREECE

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M: +30 6997-517517



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