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Egialos, SYMI 85600
Dodecanese - GREECE

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The small island of Symi is located only an hour by ferry from Rhodes Dodecanese. Built amphitheatrically along the slopes of a hill, Symi Town is divided in two settlements, Gialos which is the port of the island and Chorio which is the main village where all facilities and services can be found.

Symi is very near the coast of Asia Minor. The island boasts about well preserved neoclassical and two-storey stone houses of traditional architecture. In the early 20th century it was the capital of Symi in the Dodecanese, when it experienced a great economic boom.

Symi had been inhabited since prehistoric times, and Homer says that it has taken part in the Trojan war with King Nereus. In 1309 Simi was conquered by the Knights of the Order of St John and in 1522 it passed into the hands of the Turks, in order to be incorporated with the other Dodecanese islands in Greece.

Symi island can be easily accessed from Rhodes. The most popular spots on Symi island are the Monastery of Archangel Michael in the port of Panormitis, on the southern side, and Symi Town, a picturesque village with Neoclassical houses and paved streets.


What to see

City of Symi. Simi Town consists of two settlements preservable, Ano Symi which is the Castle of the Knights, and Gialos which is the island's port. On the main street of the city of  Symi you will see the Town Clock, the Police buildings and the Post Office, and the historic house "Katerinetes" where the incorporation treaty of Symi and other Dodecanese Greece was signed. It is worth visiting Pontikokastro, which is one of the oldest monuments of the island. In Ano Symi it is located the Archaeological and Folklore Museum, apart from the remarkable collection of folk-hosts heads of statues, monuments and post-Christian period, and Byzantine icons.
Gialos. On the square you will see the old shipyards where ships have been built on the island. Also in Yialos you can visit the Maritime Museum, which includes miniature boats and nautical instruments.
Venetian Castle of the Knights. Located at the highest point of the village, with its surrounding walls of the church.

Monastery of Archangel Michael Panormitis. It constitutes the most important religious monument. The monastery has a hostel, which can accommodate up to 500 people. It is also worth visiting the folklore museum and church. In the sacristy of the monastery it was kept putting wishes in bottles and the sailors were saying that they were "washed up" by the sea. According to locals, if a vow is not taken, the Saint goes and gets it, and for this reason he was called the "Thief."

Prophet Elias Monastery
Monastery of Archangel Michael Roukouniotis
Nimos Island
Pontikokastro Ano Symi
Sesklia Islands
Twelve Caves-Emporios

To anyone who wants to know the island on foot, the perfect start is the route Symi - Panormitis. The wayfarer should start early in order to avoid the midday heat. The route is quite green, and it is dotted with churches: Agios Konstantinos, Strateri Virgin, Saint John, Saint Marina and the monastery of Great Sotiras. A detour from here leads through a forest of cypresses, to Kourkouniotis, where there are 11 newly reconstructed stone wine presses.


Activities in Symi

•  Swimming at the beach Nos, next to Harani, to Niborio, Pedi, in Toli and Marathounta.
•  Excursion by boat or water taxi to the beaches of Ai-Giorgis Dysalonas, Saint Basil, Fokospilia, Nanou, Agia Marina, Agios Emilianos and in islands Nimos (to the north) and Sesklia (to the south).
•  Diving.
•  Spear fishing.
•  Hiking (at 120 Byzantine wine presses that are scattered on the island).
•  Sailing.

What to try

Do not miss during your visit to the island to try:
•  Gaellopites (pies of smelt)
•  Symian small shrimps
•  Akoumia (donuts)
•  Stuffed gialantzi
•  Octopus
•  Squid
•  Cuttlefish

What to shop

Buy traditional sweets, drinks and beverages of Symi. Try pouches, honey buns, cookies of all kinds, prickly pear liqueur, glifoni, sapsicho, thrympi, oregano, marjoram and throumali.



We aim to offer our guests a new getaway experience το one of Greece's most delightful islands. Enjoy the holidays you deserve in Thea Apartments  with our impeccable services...

About Us

about us

Thea Apartments opened in 2013, providing luxurious hospitality and high quality hotel services. THEA consists of 5
apartments with the beautiful view of the sea...



Thea apartments, a neoclassical building from 1913, with colorful outstanding architectural and decorative details,  is located in the heart of the village...


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