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Discover the most beautiful beaches of Symi!

Most beaches in Symi are in short walking distance from each other or they can be accessed by boat. Some have umbrellas and taverns along the shore, while others are totally secluded.

Nos, Pedi Nimporio and Panormitis are the most popular beaches on Simi island, however there are many coves in between to enjoy total solitude.


NOS. Is a beautiful, popular beach, the nearest to the city of Symi.

One of the locations which contributed to the excellent reputation of Symi island, is Nos Beach, as it has the exact balance between being a peaceful location offering at the same time the necessary facilities for tourists to enjoy a relaxing holiday.
if you would like to take a relaxing holiday near the harbour but far away enough from it to enjoy clean waters and a golden sand beach, don’t hesitate to choose Nos Beach. You can walk in your swimsuit and barefoot from the clock tower to the beach and feel the absolute freedom.


emporio top9

Emporios. Emporios is a developing tourist resort.

This is the second port of the island and it has a picturesque village and a fantastic beach, with a taverna. It is worth seeing "Twelve Caves" - twelve Byzantine domes formerly used as painting and sculpture workshops in “Mesa Niborio”.


emporio top9

Yiala. Large pebble beach.

"Yiala" is a large pebble beach, which is accessible even on foot from Symi port (about 15-20 minutes). It has a good canteen for the necessary and not.


Petalo. The beach at all day Seaside Foodbar "Petalo".

"Petalo" offers a magnificent view of Yalos in Symi. On the long wooden deck, there are wooden kiosks that protect against sunshine, sunbeds with mattress for endless sunbathing, pillows and big pillows for reading, as well as comfortable armchairs to enjoy the view of your morning coffee or to choose between healthy snacks or dishes from the restaurant, if you like.



Pedi. The seaside village has a beautiful sandy beach in a green area.

Pedi Bay is a popular destination on Symi and it is situated on the east side of the island within walking distance of the harbour of Gialos. Pedi Bay has several small beaches and serves as a starting point by water-taxi and on foot to several other beaches. Pedi Bay is served by a bus and there are several tavernas in the village. There are sunbeds and umbrellas for rent. It is an easy walk from Chorio. The area attracts many visitors, as there are remains of early Christian churches and the church of St. George. It is one of the most popular beaches Joined Simi rather unfairly. A visit will convince you.


ag marina9

Agia Marina. It is a mountainous island with crystal clear waters.

Agia Marina on the northern side of the entrance to Pedi can be reached on foot or by water-taxi from the harbour or Pedi Bay. It has a newly-built taverna, sunbeds and umbrellas for hire. You can buy a drink from the bar and relax on the terrace. There is a picturesque chapel on a small island which is very popular as a wedding venue.
The water is incredibly clear; great for snorkeling and and safe for children.


ag nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos. Sandy beach, walking distance from Pedi or by boat.

It is a popular beach on Symi by virtue of its sand/shingle beach, natural shade, safe swimming, excellent taverna and beach-bar. Popular with families with younger children, as the beach slopes gently into the sea, particularly on the far side. The journey on a taxi-boat from Symi harbour or Pedi Bay will take you about twenty minutes. There are sunbeds and umbrellas for hire, but many people opt for the natural shade provided by the trees. You can buy cold soft drinks, beer and water from the taverna as well as meals and there are two modern, clean toilets there. The last taxi-boat back leaves at 5.30 p.m.
You can also walk from Pedi Bay; following a path marked by red paint circles over the rocks will take you around 20 minutes.



Agios Georgios Dysalonas. Constitutes the most spectacular beach on the island because of the cliff located on site.

Most people consider this beach as the best in Symi and one of the most impressive in the world. The vertical 300 meter cliff, which stands at the rear of an unspoiled pebbled beach, creates a fantastic place for swimmers. Disalonas is accessible only by the sea and there is no taverns or restaurants available. Therefore you need to be prepared by carrying water and the most essential with you.


nanou 1

Nanou. A beautiful, picturesque beach in a wooded area with cypress.

Nanou is only accessible by taxi-boat or a very long walk! The journey will take between 30-45 minutes. The last taxi boat back to the harbour leaves at 5.30pm.
Nanou is a large, sweeping bay, backed by high cliffs, with astonishingly clear water, marvelous for snorkeling (particularly on the far side). The beach itself is made up of medium to large pebbles, so wear something more substantial than flip-flops.
It is quieter than Agios Nikolaos and the lack of sand makes it less popular for families with children.
There are plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas for hire. There is also a taverna which sells water, soft drinks and beer as well as a meals. There are two clean, modern toilets inside the taverna..


Marathounta Symi2

Marathounta. Narrow bay with crystal clear waters.

Marathounda is the last stop on the taxi boat run and the latest of Symi's beaches to be developed for tourism. It is also accessible by road. The water is very clear and perfect for swimming or snorkeling.
There is a large, newly-built taverna which serves snacks and meals and where you can buy drinks.


Toli Symi3

Toli. Οn the north coast of Symi, west of Emborio.

Newly opened up to the public, this small bay is now accessible by car or motorbike, or for the more adventurous a long hike! Taxi boats do not, as yet, run here. With a brand new taverna serving excellent food, sunbeds and good swimming, Toli is fast becoming a popular destination for tourists.



Seskli symi9

Sesklo. By boat you can reach this beautiful island at the southern end of Symi with clear water.




Faneromeni. Beautiful bay which can be reached on foot from Panormitis.



panormitis beach

Panormitis. Combine a visit to the monastery of Panormitis swimming in the sheltered bay.

Panormitis Bay can best be reached with an excursion boat or by road. The bay is situated in the south of the island and is famous for its monastery, the monastery of the Archangel Michael, that stands at the head of the bay and attracts many visitors every summer. In the bay of Panormitis there is also a beach and there are a couple of tavernas and shops to serve all the tourists that come to take a look at the monastery (mainly daytrippers from Rhodes).


Agios Vasilios Symi9

Agios Vasilios. One of the most beautiful pebble beaches in a beautiful location.

This beach, Agios Vasilios or Lapathos Beach, cannot be reached by water taxi (except some days in the high season). If you want to visit the beach the only way is by foot. The walk takes a couple of hours. It is a remote and quiet beach without any facilities, which means that you have to bring your own water supply and something to eat. Because it is so remote and quiet it is an ideal naturist beach. It is made out of pebbles and just a few bits of sand. At the beach there are a couple of trees where you can get some shade (so no umbrellas & sunbeds). The last part of the walk is a rather steep and a bit slippery climb down, so it is adviced to wear good walking shoes.


agios aimilianos9

Agios Emilianos. Beaches in the place where the land narrows creating an islet, which is a church.




Maroni. Beach accessible only by boat or vessel.



nimos 2 1900x1425 c

Nimos island. The island at the northern end of Simi has a clean pebble beach.

By boat you can reach the island Nimos and swim into the beach with its crystal clear waters.


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