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"In the 19th century the European culture came to Simi mainly through the architecture, but the Letters and the social life as well. The Symian were impressed by the European culture and they started to allow their daughters, as a proper name, the "Countess" and "Duchess", a tradition that continues even today. "

A lovely traditional room 29 m2 on two levels, the main room and mousantra (sleeping loft), with a double bed and two single beds with orthopedic mattresses, a service base with serving tray with coffee - tea and a bathroom with shower. Warm and atmospheric, with oak floors and the traditional wooden ceiling in the shadeof red earth. It has a window overlooking the interior of the village and the stone steeple of St. John, while the balcony offers stunning views, where you have the opportunity to relax gazing at the sea.


It can accommodate up to 4 persons.




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Ein wunderbarer Ort, um sich zu erholen!
Sehr geschmackvoll, auf bestem Niveau renoviertes, altes semiotischen Haus mit bestem Blick air den Hafen! Bester Frühstücksplatz auf dem Balkon!

Ursula Garz - Deutschland


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Egialos, SYMI 85600

Dodecanese - GREECE

P: +30 22460-72559

M: +30 6997-517517



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