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Design ..especially the bathrooms.. Views..locality..comfortable beds. There was water, tea, coffee, toast, jams, butter, fruit juice in fridge..all included. Excellent place to stay! Will be going back in September, if it is available.

- Boardman Sheila
Sheffield, UK

Very well situated with a view on the water. The room had all we needed, even a game of backgammon and chess that we enjoyed playing on the balcony. There was a bottle of wine waiting us on arrival and in the fridge all we needed for breakfast. Room was super clean also. Definitely recommend.

- Annina Iranto
Helsinki - Finland



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Thea Apartments


Egialos, SYMI 85600
Dodecanese - GREECE

Reservations – Enquiries

Mobile: +30 6997-517517


Telephone: +30 22460-72559

FAX            : +30 22460-72559

Email us at : info@symi-thea.gr


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Thea Photos by Jordan Blakesleywww.symiart.com


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Thea Photos by Neil Goslingwww.symidream.com


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Thea Photo Gallery at Night


View from the balcony




We aim to offer our guests a new getaway experience το one of Greece's most delightful islands. Enjoy the holidays you deserve in Thea Apartments  with our impeccable services...

About Us

about us

Thea Apartments opened in 2013, providing luxurious hospitality and high quality hotel services. THEA consists of 5
apartments with the beautiful view of the sea...



Thea apartments, a neoclassical building from 1913, with colorful outstanding architectural and decorative details,  is located in the heart of the village...


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