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Enjoy nature in all its splendor, wander through the beautiful bare or wooded paths,

discover the countless monasteries and chapels of the island, visit the ruined castles and the Byzantine stone wine presses and get to know the little known face of Symi,
so exciting and unique ...

- it is not by chance the paradise of yogis and those who love hiking…


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  • Drone video Symi Thea

    Great video from drone in Symi, Athens and Mykonos.

  • Symi video Symi Thea

    Video advertising the island of Symi as a travel destination.

Guest Review

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A most enjoyable relaxing stay. We were well looked after by our host. Excellent facilities, great view, very clean, good location, superb throughout!

Mark Healy - Ireland


hall of fame 2019 bigbooking awardbooking award

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Egialos, SYMI 85600

Dodecanese - GREECE

P: +30 22460-72559

M: +30 6997-517517



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