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Akoumia, the traditional sweet of Symi.

A beautiful walk on the island.

Symi: A Practical Guide by Clive Davies...

The Island of Symi – A beautiful, yet enigmatic gem, floating in the Aegean Sea! 

The best way to feel the magic of Symi is hiking.

The Legend of Freediving.

Kyra Fotena.

Sponge fishing and sponges.

The climate of Symi is characterized by bright sunshine.

Eleven wine presses.

If you are a fan of organic products you will definitely be able to find local fruits, usually figs and prickly pears (fragosika in Greek).

Latest News

  • Drone video Symi Thea

    Great video from drone in Symi, Athens and Mykonos.

  • Symi video Symi Thea

    Video advertising the island of Symi as a travel destination.

Guest Review

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It is the best pension I have ever stayed in and I have been traveling for 40 years. I don't know where to start to praise it as there was not a moment that I felt I was not at home and even better.

Dora Kitinas - Australia


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